Let your voice
be heard.

Say goodbye to bullet points. Touch recording lets you tell your story as if you're having a conversation.
The Ginger Project automatically makes adjustments and adds the perfect soundtrack — so your story sounds extraordinary.

Communicate visually.

You don’t need to be an artist. Search and the Ginger Project gives you the perfect iconic images to fit your ideas.
Choose a look: Beautiful fonts, colors, and motion make every element memorable.

Watch your ideas
come alive.

The Ginger Project adds  cinemaquality animation so your story looks polished, professional, and amazing.

Share your story
with everyone. Fast.

Publish your video directly to Twitter, Facebook, email, or the web so they can see it on any device. 
Short, expressive, impactful:
It’s the perfect medium to grab your audience. 

Made with love and ginger.

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The Ginger Project is now available as Adobe Voice!

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Made with the Ginger Project.

Each video below was made from scratch, from idea to publish — in less than 10 minutes.

Championing a cause: “I’m a Runner”

Explaining history: “Charles and Ray”

Pitching a startup’s story: “Garden to Go”

You’ve never had this much fun telling your story.

Pitch an idea. Explain a concept. Inspire action.

Share what’s important to you without being in the room.
Create a clear, engaging, stunning video. Effortlessly.

Create an awesome explainer video.
Tell your story and share it with anyone online.

Creating a video with the Ginger Project is as simple as playing with building blocks.
It takes seconds to experiment and try anything — so you’ll have a story you’re proud to share in minutes.

Download it for your iPadDownload it for your iPad

The Ginger Project is now available
as Adobe Voice!

Download it for your iPad free from the App Store.

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